Finding a new doctor when you move to a new city can be stressful.  Below is a list of the top doctors in Tucson according to

  1. Lora Primary Care (Internal Medicine/Family Practice) 520.468.4801
  2. Alan Chapeskie, MD (Family Practice) 520.547.2311
  3. Mark Maxwell, MD (Family Practice) 520.323.3130
  4. Renee Gallo, MD (Family Practice) 520.547.4678
  5. Wilmot Primary Care (Internal Medicine) 520.791.1556
  6. David P. Myers, DO (Family Practice) 520.790.2798
  7. Casas Adobe Physicians (Family Practice) 520.751.3695
  8. West Ajo Medical Center (Family Practice, Weight Loss Centers) 520.573.0993
  9. Sonora Family Practice (Family Practice) 520.327.6874
  10.  Desert Bloom (Family Practice) 520.202.5820