With construction at an all-time high, there are some very cool, new business opportunities popping up around every corner. Check out the new digs below to keep up with the know around town, and perhaps – put in that application at one of the many new businesses opening their doors!


City Park

City Park will bring 15 new businesses, hundreds of new jobs and over 100,000 square feet of retail, office and entertainment space to the Downtown core. City Park is developed by Bourn Companies, a transit oriented development located on Congress street just east of Stone Ave and a Sun Link modern streetcar stop. The first floor of the 5 story City Park building, at 40 E Congress, will house a food hall. The first floors of the existing neighboring buildings, at 20 E Congress and 60 E Congress, will house two new anchor food and/or beverage tenants – one on each side. The three buildings will be connected through spacious patios. The second floor of the new building will be an entertainment venue which includes a bowling alley, pinball arcade, a bar and private event space. The third, fourth and a portion of the fifth floor is the new North American headquarters for international mining technology firm, Hexagon Mining. The remaining portion of the fifth level will be flex space for events like conferences or concerts that include a 2,056 sq ft outdoor deck and 995 sq ft of indoor space. Rio Nuevo approved a $2.6 million loan in July of 2016 to complete the financing required for the project. Total project cost is estimated around $27.5 million which will create more than 100,00 rentable sq ft.

Construction is expected to be completed by late October 2018. Hexagon Mining is relocating staff to their new headquarters in stages and will ultimately relocate up to 200 jobs to City Park. For more information, visit Bourn Companies|City Park website.


The Boxyard on 4th

 A new boxcar development is coming to 4th Avenue at 238 N. Fourth Ave, developed by local Cypress Civil Development and designed by RAHarchitects. The Boxyard will have 4 new restaurants, 2 bars, and indoor and outdoor community dining housed in ten re-purposed box cars on a 12,000 sqft lot. The development includes space for outdoor events which is temperature controlled with structures for shade. A small older building currently sitting on the site will be re-purposed and preserved as part of the project.

The development is expected to be complete by Summer of 2018.


44 Broadway

44 E Broadway will add much needed office space in the center of Downtown Tucson while infilling vacant parking lots (Rendering Courtesy of Dabdoub/Peach).

The Rio Nuevo Board authorized completion of a mixed-use project at 44 E Broadway. Developers, Ron Schwabe and Marcel Dabdoub, are renovating 26,120 sqft on the ground floor of the exisiting building for office and retail, to be completed late 2018. The project also includes construction of two new buildings on adjacent and nearby parking lots consisting of structured parking, 18,325 sqft of ground floor retail, and 61,152 sqft of Class A office space. The new buildings will be constructed in 2019. Total investment of the entire project will exceed $34 million.


Central Block Rehabilitation

The space at 110 E Congress Street will be home to Ten55 Brewing and Sausage House (Photo/DTP Aug 4. Rendering courtesy Schwabe/Dabdoub).

Developers Ron Schwabe and Marcel Dabdoub are partnering to remodel the buildings at 98 (former Wig-o-Rama), 100 (former Grill), 108, and 110 (former Voodoo Jacks) East Congress Street into over 9,000 sqft of space for dining and retail. Each space will have the original brick facade rejuvenated close to its original splendor. Tucson’s Ten 55 Brewing Company will open a restaurant and bar in the 110 E space, while tenants for the other three spaces have yet to be confirmed. The corner 98 building (shown in the picture) is said to have interest from chain beverage giant, Starbucks Coffee, but has not been confirmed.

Crews are currently working on restoring the historic brick facade dating back to the early 1900’s as well as the interior. Ten 55 Brewing’s Restaurant and Bar is holding its grand opening on August 11th.


Cathedral Square and The Marist

The Diocesan Complex will replace the old Parish Hall and serve several different functions like conferences and public events. (Photo looking SW/ DTP Sep 7. Rendering/Diocese of Tucson)

The Cathedral Square, is a joint project that will restore the historic Our Lady’s Chapel, the rectory building and the Marist College building. St. Augustine Cathedral’s parish hall has been demolished and is being replaced with a $12 million, 50,000 square foot four story complex (click picture above to see rendering). The Diocesan Complex will house offices for the cathedral on the first floor, a 500 seat conference and education center on the second floor and offices on the third and fourth floors for the Cathedral and Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson.

Phoenix, Arizona based Foundation for Senior Living is constructing a seven story 93,017 sqft apartment complex called The Marist on Cathedral Square with 75 units for low-income seniors that will replace the old Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson offices at the SE corner of Broadway and Church. The project includes laundry rooms, a gym, outdoor patio space, socializing rooms, and private parking. Included in the Marist on Cathedral Square project is restoration and repurposing of the once deteriorating Marist College building (last picture below) built in 1915, into a first floor community center and 8 units for low-income seniors on the second and third floors. The project was approved for low-income housing tax credits(LIHTC) in 2016. The Marist College Building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the only remaining mud adobe structure in the state and is a historical landmark in the state and greater southwest region.

The Marist will be located at the SE corner of Church and Broadway along the modern streetcar. (Photo looking SE/ DTP Aug 4. Rendering/Poster Frost Mitro)

The Marist College building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the only existing three-story historic structure built with adobe mud in Arizona. (Photo looking South/DTP Sep 7. Click picture for rendering/FSL)

Project Status: What will be the seven story Marist Apartments on Cathedral Square at the SE corner of Broadway and Church is now on interior construction (click on the picture above to see the rendering). Facade restoration is complete on the Marist College Building. Interior structural improvements including steel beams now hold up the historic building.

Source: DowntownTucson.org