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7. Allow yourself some time to get settled and meet the neighbors before you have to start work. Also, if you move during the summer months, your children will be able to meet new friends before school starts. The first day of school will be easier if they know somebody.

8. Remember, the move may also create feelings of stress in your children. Be sure to talk to them about the move and consider them while house hunting. Listen to their ideas as to how to decorate their new room. They're people, too, and may feel that they have no control over what's happening to them. Go out of your way to give them some sense of control.

9. Contact the local school board for information about the school your children will attend. Arrange a meeting with the homeroom teacher and your children. Conduct a trial run from the school's entrance to the homeroom. That way your children will feel more at home on the first day.

10. Finally, relax and start enjoying your new surroundings. One day soon, you'll look back and wonder what you were so nervous about. After all, six million Americans change homes every year.

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