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Population and Workforce
In 2007, Pima County reached a major milestone when the population grew to more than one million inhabitants. The influx of people positively impacts the economy and translates directly into increased labor availability. Tucson is rapidly becoming a location of choice, attracting major national and international companies such as Target.com, Stanley Inc., Pella Corporation and La Costena.

Employers will find a diverse, educated, and enthusiastic workforce in Tucson. Businesses directly benefit from a younger population with almost 50% of the Tucson population under the age of 35. Employers will find a well-qualified workforce with skills for manufacturing, trade and technical positions. Almost 32% of the working age population speaks Spanish, making Tucson a center for bilingual opportunities.

The civilian labor pool approaches 450,000 people. The Tucson region has a healthy high school graduation rate and growing college enrollment statistics. Young workforce entrants have a solid educational foundation with access to The University of Arizona and the nation's eighth-largest community college, Pima Community College.

The availability of fast-track, customized training also has had a significant impact on the region's workforce. Training courses from the information technology, plastics, optics, and electronics industries to ISO certification preparation and soft-skills programs on leadership and team building can be found across the region. Primary, secondary, university, vocational, and continuing education institutions all contribute to the goal of providing a qualified workforce.

2007 Economic Performance At A Glance
As Tucson's population has grown, increased employment, entrepreneurship opportunities, and moderate salary rises have become business as usual in the region. Private services employment comprises much of the total non-farm employment in Pima County. Private service employment is particularly strong in trade, transportation, and public utilities, professional and businesses services, educational and health services, and leisure and hospitality.

The goods-producing sector consists of natural resources and mining, construction, and manufacturing. These industries are high paying, develop a highly skilled workforce and attract export revenues from other parts of the world. The manufacturing sector is dominated by Raytheon Missile Systems. Raytheon has 11,184 high-wage employees in Tucson and manufactures advanced weapon systems. Other important local manufacturing companies include IBM, Texas Instruments, Honeywell, Bombardier, Ventana Medical Systems, Air System Components, Pella Corporation, Beacon Groups
SW Inc., and Kalil Bottling.

The local construction industry has benefited from a strong surge in home-building activity since 2002. The factors contributing to the strong market for housing construction include low mortgage interest rates, strong migration into the region, and the entrance of first-time homeowners moving out of apartments.

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