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Welcome to Tucson

Tucson is truly a city with personality, heart and soul - all accompanied with a blended mixture of sounds and rhythms. According to Traveler magazine published by Conde Nast, Tucson is the "Friendliest City in the Nation". An impossible claim to document, it certainly makes a statement about Tucson's people. While its roots go back to the beginning of recorded history, Tucson has a young, dynamic population and is just large enough to offer the perks of a big city and small enough that natives express outrage if there is a ten-minute delay in traffic.

From a growing population to great recreation to strategic location, there are many reasons why Tucson shines as a favorable economic climate. Perhaps no other city or region offers such a uniquely favorable combination of factors for living, working, and doing business.

Education has a high priority in the Tucson area. The public school system provides general and college-preparatory courses. Pima Community College, serving all county residents, is a two-year college with five campuses. University of Arizona offers bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in a wide field of study. There are vocational and technical schools along with many private and parochial schools which provide curricula for elementary through high-school students.
Getting Settled

People moving to a new city view the experience as either a great adventure or an incredibly stressful hassle. Relocating can be a lot of both. Like most everything else in life, it's what you make it. Attitude is important. First, the adventure part. Making friends with a new city can be a process of discovery for the individual and the family together. There's a sense of excitement, of anticipation, even a sense of the pioneer spirit in navigating new terrain.

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